9.Assembling of the tire.


The assembling of the tire uses "C-parts".
The assembling method is the same as the front wheel rear wheel.




Put it through 04 openings, and adhere.
Attach the adhesive to 04 bottoms in small quantities.


The dimensions of 04 openings are smallish.Be because there is need to let adhere without a gap.When incorporate it, lay emphasis lightly, and push it.


Glue all parts together.




Glue all parts together.




Round 06, and make an axle, and glue the assembled tires.
After adhesive completely dried, incorporate an axle in the cut of the chassis.
Glue A parts 01-c, 01-d to the bottom, and fix it.
Please be careful not to attach adhesive to axle 06 and a tire.A tire does not turn.



Mount a license plate, and be completion.
Thank you!



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