8.Assemble a Rear bumper


glue each part together.  05-i adheres to the center of 05-e, and please do the cuts of the 05-e upper part in an aim.





Assemble 05-g, and adhere like a figure.  Because it is complicated, please confirm the shape of 05-g with 3d model windows enough.




There is the place to adhere to inward of the part.
Please confirm it in an upper figure.


Adhere like an upper figure.




Glue 05-f together.


Insert it to the dotted line position while matching the cut of two places of upper parts of 05-f with reinforcement passing in a bumper lengthwise.
Glue the lower part of 05-f together with a bumper afterwards.

This figure shows reinforcement and relations of 05-f.




At the position of the guide line, glue 05-h.




Match the cut of bumper both sides with a body, and adhere.



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