4.Assembling of the front grill


Assemble a headlight.Please be careful about the difference in each parts shape.The parts for the inside are thick, and the parts for the outside are thin.


When show the right side (RH) with motor parts, usually mean the right side in the state that sat in the driver's seat.

The explanation of here is the same, too.





In the figure, explain left-sided headlight assembling.Show the right part within a parenthesis.

In conformity to a guide line displayed by 04-b(04-a), please glue each part together.




After having glued 04-k and 04-j together, please adhere to the backside of front grill 04-i.




Mount the headlight which assembled on the front grill.



Become like an upper figure when attach it.



Please attach a front grill to the body.Come in for the cut of the reinforcement front part, and glue it together.

Please be careful about the balance of right and left



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