Position under the front window of the guide, we will adhere to the mating position.



Attach the hood to the vehicle body.

As a guide to engaging the roof portion to each other.
Both sides of the cutout portion of the white hood, and glue to match the angle of the front wheel house.
Please carefully adhered to match the shape of the tip of the radiator grille and hood. (In the picture, the margin of the internal reinforcement is omitted.)



Front fender assembly, please adhere to the body.



[Supplemental explanation]

Margin of the front fender, please cut the portion in the above figure.



If you install a front fender, looks like this.



Wiper arm is bent near the base of the glue.



Please glue the parts.

③-E, ④-E is used by bonding two pieces.Figure, but the rear bumper license plate, please attach.



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